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White Sands National Park
Alamogordo, NM 88330

Located between Doña Ana and Otero County, The White Sands National Monument is without a doubt, the Chihuahuan Desert’s best-known tourist attraction. Appearing as a bright white spot in the middle of an otherwise beige landscape, the dunes are as beautiful as they are enigmatic. Visitors are free to admire all 225-square miles of the park from the comfort of their cars, on numerous wood plank paths, or even in the dunes themselves. In addition to strolling about, you can bring sleds or snowboards and slide down the sandy hills–seriously! If one day simply isn’t enough, you and the whole gang can stay overnight at the camping site. While there’s no wrong time to visit White Sands, we strongly recommend that you catch either a sunrise or sunset, there’s really nothing quite like it. Make sure to check out the museum and gift shop before you leave!