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The World's Largest Equestrian Bronze
6701 Convair Rd.

This monument is the second of twelve sculptures comprising the XII Travelers Memorial of the Southwest as conceived by Sculptor John Sherrill Houser and depicting 400 years of Southwestern history at the Pass of the North. Commissioned as “Don Juan de Oñate, Founder of the Hispanic Southwest, 1598”, who gave our city its name. In 1997, the El Paso City Council approved the model for the monument. It was enlarged 13 times (over 2,000 times by volume) to 36 feet in Mexico City by the sculptor, the associate sculptor and a crew of five. In 2003, the first of 500 molds were trucked to Shidoni Foundry in New Mexico for bronze casting. In February 2006, large bronze sections were transported to Eagle Bronze Foundry in Lander, Wyoming for assembly and patina. In April 2006, the completed monument arrived at the El Paso International Airport to await the completion of the base and foundation.

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