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Keystone Heritage & Desert Botanical Park
4220 Doniphan Dr.
El Paso, TX 79922
(915) 584-0563

Keystone Heritage Park is home to the third sculpture of the XII Travelers Memorial of the Southwest – Susan Magoffin. Susan Magoffin’s 7-foot bronze statue is the first woman of historical significance and third statue to be included in the XII Travelers series. It was unveiled on June 2, 2012. Despite the dangers of travel with the Mexican American war just beginning Susan Magoffin still made the expedition into Mexico and until 1987 it was believed she was the first Anglo-American woman to travel the Santa Fe trail. Coming from a wealthy family she was able to travel with plenty comforts of home and took her servant Jane and greyhound dog Mr. Ring along with her. She kept a journal of her travels almost daily from June 1846 until 1847 and it remains a valuable record on the development of the west and provides a unique woman’s perspective of the times.