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XHPX-FM 98.3

Categories: Radio Stations

Genres: Latin Pop

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Company Name: XHPX-FM 98.3


5062 Cromo Drive Suite 151
El Paso, TX 79912-5510

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Phone Number: (915) 231-5500


Other Information


XHPX (98.3 FM) EXA-FM - “La Primera Enn Exotos” is a Spanish & English Top 40 (CHR) station at 98.3 FM in El Paso. The station is very popular with Mexican American teens. The station is located on Mesa Street in El Paso and was previously located in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico, before a transition to El Paso in 2005. The station’s transmitter is still located in Ciudad Juárez, on Cerro Bola. EXA is hosts many concerts in El Paso, such as The EXA Party.

Permanent Employees: 1