The Film Commission is now the El Paso Film & Creative Industries Commission

F I L M + M U S I C + D E S I G N + P H O T O G R A P H Y

Since 1974, our passion for film and the El Paso community has encouraged us to provide quality service and assistance to local and outside funded film productions. We pride ourselves on our long-standing and knowledgeable staff, experienced local crew, and film-friendly community. El Paso offers gorgeous, natural scenery. From beautiful desert landscapes, to majestic mountain ranges or wide-open spaces; the versatility of the city’s natural attributes coupled with our unique border-culture, truly sets El Paso apart and provides a place and experience like no other. We would love to assist you in finding the perfect location for your project and helping you feel like you’re at home while you’re here.

We offer Location, Liaison and Pre-production services to funded commercial film and TV projects. Read more about our Services.

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Our office now is the official Music Office for the City of El Paso, and El Paso is a Texas-certified Music Friendly Community.

We do not provide funding for projects. Check the MCAD funding opportunity page to see if you may qualify for artist support.


Drew Mayer-Oakes, Film & Creative Industries Commissioner 915-534-0698 office, 915-892-2783 mobile For filming inquires: film @ destinationelpaso.com


A Film Permit is required to film on or in city property along with a Certificate of Insurance naming the City of El Paso as additionally insured. Street closures and/or ITC requests must include a traffic plan that is attached to the permit. Closures or any interruptions to the normal flow of traffic in residential areas must have “Good Neighbor” notifications, with signatures showing a 75% approval of the filming, also attached to your permit, when turned in to the Film Commission. No permit is required for filming on private property. The permit process takes 3-5 working days to complete, so please submit your permit application a minimum of 5 working days prior to your first requested day to film. The cost is $40.00 for up to 5 city locations. Please contact us to apply for a film permit.

If your shoot requires traffic or pedestrian control, or the blocking of a lane or street, you will need to hire El Paso police officers, in addition to obtaining a permit. Please contact our office for information on hiring police officers for your project as film requests must go through the El Paso police coordinator. As each project varies, please contact our office so that we may better assist you with your production requirements.

Need help filling out a film permit app? Check out our video explainer.


Certificates of Insurance must meet the requirements listed on the permit, and be attached to it, in order for our office to begin the permitting process. Details


The Texas Moving Image Industry Program offers qualifying feature films, television programs, commercials, and video games, and the opportunity to receive payment of 5-20% of eligible Texas spending upon completion of a review of their Texas expenditures. Both live-action, and animated projects are eligible. This incentive program is in addition to the Texas sales tax exemptions. Texas Film Commission

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The Film & Creative Industries Commission is proud of its long list of filmography, and prides itself on its experienced and talented local crew. Our film friendly city is home to gorgeous natural backdrops, wide-open spaces, and the ability to offer a Mexico, Middle East or Morocco look. Let us know what time we can pick you up at the Airport!

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