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Studio 411

Categories: Audio engineers, Jingles and advertising soundtracks, Mastering, Recording studios

Genres: Pop, Rap/Hip Hop, Rock

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Company Name: Studio 411

Contact Name: Chris Baylon

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Phone Number: (915) 308-4572

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What Do We Do? The music industry has changed. Musicians and producers record demos and finished products inside of their home studios. We are here for those who record at home and for those who want a recording studio setting.

Studio 411 is two parts.

Part 1: We provide musicians all around the globe with world-class mixing and mastering services at an affordable rate and fast turnaround. This service provides artists with the opportunity to focus on their craft and not on the technical aspects of recording. Our studio produces radio ready products for our clients so they can compete in the music industry today.

Part 2: Studio 411 is a recording studio/podcast studio located in Downtown El Paso, Texas. We were established in 2019 by music industry veterans with over 15 years experience. Studio 411 caters to high-end clients, and provide a fresh approach to the recording studio atmosphere.

Permanent Employees: 2

Contract Employees: 15