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Pando Productions | i10 Studios

Categories: Arrangers/Composers, PA systems/Sound reinforcement, Record producers, Recording studios

Genres: Latin/Spanish, Regional Mexican, Tejano

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Company Name: Pando Productions | i10 Studios

Contact Name: Billy J. Pando

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Phone Number: (915) 241-0918

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Pando Productions specializes in jingles, advertising soundtracks, and producing Latin/Tejano music. Located in East Lower Valley in El Paso, TX. The studio is a 32-track digital recording facility that offers a wide variety of music services, producers, arrangers, composers, songwriters, musicians, radio and t.v. commercial jingles and advertising soundtracks. We specialize in recording preproduction for bands, demos, singers, rappers, and songwriters in all varieties of styles. The centerpiece of the studio is a digidesign control 24-automated digital mixing console with 16 pristine focusrite pre-amps, ProTools LE 24-bit daw with recording, editing capabilities, and a bundle of plug ins. Also two 16 track 20-bit ADATs, analog mackie 24-8 bus mixing console, Avalon, Dbx compressors, Cakewalk Pro Audio workstation with Korg triton, N264 and Yamaha keyboards for sequencing. The studio owns a selection of microphones including Neumann, AKG, and Shure.

Permanent Employees: 1