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Categories: E-commerce, Music business consultants, Ticket printing, Ticket sales outlets

Genres: Country, Latin/Spanish, Rock

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Contact Name: Lyle Horiuchi


P.O. Box 31688
El Paso, TX 79931

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Phone Number: (915) 319-9104


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Neon Ticket provides business strategies that positively effect your bottom line using state of the art technology for ticketing services to events, venues, concerts … anything you need for ticket generating revenue. If you have a venue and sell tickets at your venue we can cut your costs and increase revenue with an immediate positive impact on your bottom line. A quick review to increase profitability. Our technology provides for on line purchases, cell phone purchase, box office purchasing, transferring of tickets, sales reporting, demographic reporting, hi-tech scanning and verification of ticketing to prevent duplication and fraud … custom design to aid in making your event profitable.

Permanent Employees: 2