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Mariachi Los Arrieros

Categories: Bands

Genres: Mariachi, Tejano

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Company Name: Mariachi Los Arrieros

Contact Name: Jose Montes Jr.


12344 Tierra Alaska
El Paso, TX 79938

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Phone Number: (915) 592-1554

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Juan A. Gonzalez, Doug Brown, Rolando Morales - Trumpet, Gabe Prado, Rene Castaneda, Eddie Hernandez, Ray Acosta - Violin Mariachi Los Arrieros is dedicated to the preservation, exposure, and education of Mariachi music, while being role models for today’s youth. Mariachi music has become a strong tradition in the United States and Mariachi Los Arrieros continue to be a part of that phenomenon. Los Arrieros have been performing for El Pasoans since May of 1996 and have not only touched the hearts of people around the nation, but have also geared their knowledge in educating children in the history and traditions of mariachi music. Mariachi Los Arrieros stand by their music and their idea for the future generations of mariachis. Arriero is a Spanish word meaning drover, the person who drives cattle or mules to their destinations. Los Arrieros have been living up to the definition of their name by guiding a younger generation in the education of the history and traditions of mariachi music. Los Arrieros have taught clinics and workshops on Mariachi music and its heritage to people of all ages in places which include: Las Cruces, Denver, Omaha, Tucson, Chandler, San Antonio, and in their hometown of El Paso. The group has embraced the name, Los Arrieros as a true educational opportunity.

Permanent Employees: 4