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Categories: Lighting-Services, PA systems/Sound reinforcement

Genres: Tejano

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Company Name: GZM - FX

Contact Name: Paul Solis III


11980 Pamela Raye Road
El Paso, TX 79927-4020

E-mail Address:

Phone Number: (915) 203-2493

Other Information


Ground Zero Music Enterprises has been in business since 1987 providing customers with the best in mobile DJ systems, theatrical pyrotechnics, aerotechnics, sound and light systems. All shows are dealt with in a professional manner by trained and knowledgeable individuals. We work with state of the art equipment capable of providing music and entertainment for any private party, corporate event, live performances, seminars or conventions. Ground Zero Music Enterprises maintains a high level of professionalism and positive mental attitude to assure you the best of the best either on a local level or for regional shows. “Professionalism is our main objective”.

Permanent Employees: 4

Contract Employees: 2