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Beacon Hill Recording Studios

Categories: Arrangers/Composers, Jingles and advertising soundtracks, Mobile recording studios, Recording studios

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Company Name: Beacon Hill Recording Studios

Contact Name: Alfredo Gonzalez

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Phone Number: (915) 239-0391


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Beacon Hill Recording Studios features a relaxing and hip ambiance and consists of three studios. It is perhaps one of the most versatile audio production facilities in the Southwest. We are able to interconnect any of our control rooms with any live room and/or booth in the facility. Furthermore, our comprehensive networking capabilities allow remote connection with other facilities around the world. This means any of our rooms can be interconnected with other studios with networking capabilities. Additionally, HD video can be routed to any room, which allows for video conferencing with external sources, or within the facilities. Recording home to hit songs recorded by break-out El Paso artist, Khalid.

Permanent Employees: 3

Contract Employees: 0