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All That Music

Categories: Record stores, Ticket sales outlets

Genres: Dance/Electronic, Pop, Tejano

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Company Name: All That Music

Contact Name: George Reynoso


6800 Gateway Blvd East , Suite 1B
El Paso, TX 79915-1030

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Phone Number: (915) 594-9900


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After 26 years, All That Music continues to adapt and thrive as El Paso’s largest independent retail music store. Our customers appreciate our highest standards for buying & selling quality pre-owned CDs & DVDs. We stock a deep catalog of classic and modern rock, metal and oldies on CD & DVD. Our artist and product knowledge make the staff the best in town. Our niche strength is regional Mexican music including our clubhouse department which stocks the latest 12” vinyl for DJs. ATM is also known for its huge selection of pop-culture posters. LP collectors have direct access to our in-house public computer database which includes nearly 10,000 LPs. Our internet-based listening stations, boutique and Ticketmaster outlet make All That Music a “must-stop” when visiting El Paso. Visit for more information.

Permanent Employees: 8

Contract Employees: 3