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Ghosts of The Camino Real San Elizario Spirit Walk
Ghosts of The Camino Real San Elizario Spirit Walk
August 2, 2024
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
1500 Main St., San Elizario, TX 79849
Venue: San Elizario placita
Admission: $25
Age Group:

San Elizario has hundreds of years of history, dating back to 1598, it has had much time to collect ghosts. Walking along Main Street is like stepping back in time unchanged. Whispers can be heard from the art galleries to the chapels & majestic missions, and the old jail that Billy the Kid broke into in 1876 still stands and is filled with its own share of spirits. It is not uncommon for guests to see apparitions, hear voices, and even feel the touch of unseen spirits. The spirits are at home here. This is a very powerful area with a deep history.

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