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El Paso Film Festival
El Paso Film Festival
September 26, 2024 - September 28, 2024
125 Pioneer Plaza, El Paso, TX 79901
Venue: Philanthropy Theatre

The El Paso Film Festival is one of the largest showcases of independently made films in the southwest. The El Paso Film Festival was created by filmmaker Carlos F. Corral in 2018 with the support and philanthropic help of the Paso Del Norte Community Foundation and serves as the organization’s 501(c)3 charitable resource for donors and the community-at-large. As the flagship film festival in far west Texas, they are leading the growth of a bi-national stage that empowers the new faces of filmmaking. In providing an inclusive platform, people will have the chance to discover and support filmmakers to tell their story while enjoying what is becoming the fastest growing independent film festival in Texas. Please visit them online for festival information.3.

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