Hike Five of El Paso’s Most Popular Trails
Hike Five of El Paso’s Most Popular Trails

One of El Paso’s most special features is its thriving outdoor community for exciting adventure, picturesque views, and hundreds of miles for hiking, biking, and more. With year-round sunshine, warm temperatures, and mild climate, the Sun City is the perfect destination to enjoy countless outdoor activities. Start planning your next visit to El Paso by making an itinerary to check out some of the city’s most popular trails and become one with the desert landscapes of El Paso.

Aztec Cave Trail - Hiking to the Aztec Caves offers adventurers a captivating blend of natural beauty and geological wonder. As you embark on the moderate trail, expect to traverse rocky terrain amid panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. The caves provide a unique glimpse into the rugged landscape's geological history, offering a sense of awe for the forces of nature.

McKelligon Canyon - Nestled on the southeastern side of the Franklin Mountains and surrounded by desert canyon walls, McKelligon Canyon is a popular destination known for its rock climbing, hiking, running, walking, and biking. All hiking trails including the Ron Coleman Trail begin at the end of McKelligon Canyon and are open year-round.

Tin Mines Trail - Tucked away in the Franklin Mountains is the challenging and popular 6.6-mile Tin Mines Trail. The trail takes visitors to the site of abandoned tin mines, open for visitors to explore and offers views of the sprawling mountains and city.

Mundy’s Gap Overlook - A 3.9-mile trail considered very challenging, it takes about 2 hours to complete, this trail is very popular for hiking, mountain biking, and birdwatching. Ideal times for visiting are September through May. Dogs are welcome but must be on a leash.

Lost Dog Trail Head - Amid the beauty of this nature preserve, Lost Dog Trail Head is a 7.7-mile loop in west El Paso. The moderately challenging trail is most popular for mountain biking, but visitors are welcome to hike, run, or walk the trail and through the surrounding area.

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