4 Best Spring Festivals for Fun & Fitness in El Paso
4 Best Spring Festivals for Fun & Fitness in El Paso

Just like the flowers, El Paso’s culture blooms in the springtime and becomes Festival City! If you’re looking to break a sweat and satisfy that competitive nature of yours, we’ve got just the events for you. On the flip side, maybe you want to escape the hustle and bustle for something a bit more laid-back. Hey, we get it, and might have just the activity you’re looking for.

Don’t believe us? Check out the list below for some of our absolute favorite annual events coming up in spring. You don’t want to miss them—if you do, you’ll have to wait a whole year for your next chance!

Run for Gold at the Michelob Ultra Marathon
They say there’s no better way to get to know a city than on foot, which officially makes the Michelob Ultra Marathon the fastest way to get to know El Paso. Beginning on the east side, this Boston Marathon qualifier travels through several must-see parts of the city, including historic missions, the Playa Drain trail, and the El Paso Coliseum. The course also includes scenic views of the vibrant Chihuahuan Desert and allows runners to watch the sunrise over the majestic Hueco Mountains. For anyone unable to partake in the marathon but who still wishes to be involved, there will be a virtual marathon, as well.

To sign up for the Michelob Ultra Marathon, visit their official website.

Swim, Bike, and Run at the Mighty Mujer Triathlon
While we’re on the subject, the Michelob Ultra Marathon isn’t the only major racing event in El Paso. There also happens to be the Mighty Mujer Triathlon, which, as its title suggests, is an exclusively female event. The full triathlon, known as the Super Sprint, consists of swimming (300 yards), biking (18 miles), and running (3 miles)—in that order.

If you’re out of breath just thinking of doing all three, portions of the triathlon are broken up to make shorter courses. Those courses include the Sprint (300 yard swim - 9.3mi bike - 2mi run), Aquabike (300 yard swim - 18 mi bike), Bike-Run (18 mi bike - 3mi run), and Run/Walk (3 miles), as well as two-person and three-person relays.

As with any triathlon worth its weight in free goodies, the Mighty Mujer will fill your arms with plenty of merch. Participants will receive a race shirt, water bottle, finisher medal, run bibs, bike numbers, and an athlete bag to put it all in! What’s more, a virtual counterpart will be available and will also provide truncated courses. Sign up for the Mighty Mujer Triathlon can be done right here.

Sip City Wine Fest: Savor Good Times with the Whole Family
When you have the chance to spend the day tasting wine, eating delicious food, and listening to live music, you take it. The Sip City Wine Fest at Lowbrow Palace gives you just that opportunity. Wait, scratch that. It gives you over 50 opportunities, because that’s how many wines—from top wineries and vineyards—will be available.

There’s no need for a babysitter either as the festival is a family-friendly event. Let the kids enjoy some food and live music, then take a gentle sip from your pinot noir and impress them with your astute observations! If they’re not impressed, at least it was a valiant effort.

Tickets to the Sip City Wine Fest can be purchased here.

El Paso Comic Con: The Final (West Texas) Frontier
Comics are only the beginning at El Paso Comic Con. Taking place at the El Paso Convention Center, the event is a West Texas hot spot of sci-fi, fantasy, anime, gaming, and much more. In addition to all the like-minded fans, talent from some of your favorite movies, shows, and video games will be gathered for autograph signings and photo-ops. For those looking to dig deep into the latest topics in pop culture, there will be a number of celebrity panels and workshops hosted by creative professionals. And you might want to pack that wired controller, because there will be gaming competitions aplenty.

You can also look forward to a cosplay contest that will be held in the Juarez Room on the first floor of the convention center. In addition to Adult and Junior categories, the contest will also have a Group category. All the more reason to convince your friends to dress up as a Baldur’s Gate III party.

Tickets to El Paso Comic Con can be purchased right here.

Springtime is a Good Time in El Paso, TX
Everyone should have something to look forward to—something to circle on the calendar. With these four huge annual events, it’s easy to see why spring is such an anticipated time in El Paso. Fitness fanatics, wine connoisseurs, and pop culture enthusiasts all have a place where they can feel at home.

And when all the fun is had, you’re back at one of El Paso’s great hotels, and the events are over, there’s still a glint of excitement to take solace in. Next spring, you get to do it all over again.

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