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El Paso’s Margarita Trail

Legend has it that the margarita was first introduced in the 1940s in the El Paso/Juárez region, to then be introduced to the rest of the world. The story goes like this—in 1942, a now-legendary bartender by the name of Pancho Morales mistakenly created the drink after a woman ordered a Magnolia at a bar in Juárez known as Tommy’s Place. This new creation spread through the southwest, and helped to immensely speed up the importation of tequila in the states with its widespread popularity. With the origin of this story being located so close to El Paso, it’s only logical that we can boast about some of the best margaritas around. With so many quality options heavily populating the city, you can’t go wrong ordering a margarita from most bars and authentic Mexican or Tex-Mex restaurants here. To help you on your search, we’ve provided a list of some of the most respected and highest quality margaritas in town from iconic and family-owned restaurants. Experience the unique and authentic El Paso vibe.

Julio's Mexican Food
Photo by Julio’s Café Corona
Julio's Mexican Food
8050 Gateway Blvd. East

Julio’s Mexican Food originated across the border in Juárez, the home of the margarita. It’s fitting that their massive margaritas are often touted as the best in town. Settle in with some familiar, highly praised classic Mexican cuisine, live music and many unique and traditional takes on the classic drink. With an extensive selection of margarita flavors and combinations, you’ll never get bored. The Jalapeno Margarita is concocted with jalapenos, your choice of tequila and cilantro. The rink is packed with flavor and a sure win for those who can handle the heat.

Los Bandidos de Carlos & Mickey'
Photo by Los Bandidos de Carlos & Mickey’s
Los Bandidos de Carlos & Mickey'
1310 Magruder St.

The “Texas-sized” margarita from Los Bandidos de Carlos and Mickey’s says all that you need to know about it in its name. Limited to one per customer, this massive margarita takes on both classic, as well as bold flavored recipes, with big results. Enjoy it with their fresh chips and salsa and impressive bar.

L&J Cafe
Photo by L&J Café
L&J Cafe
3622 E. Missouri Ave.

As one of the oldest family-owned establishments on this list, it’s only fitting that L&J Cafe serves some of the most well-respected food and drinks in town. With enchiladas that are to die for, it’s widely agreed that L&J is a cornerstone for quality Tex-Mex meals in El Paso, including immaculately made classic margaritas. If you don’t try L&J Cafe at least once during your time in El Paso, you’re seriously missing out.

Cantina Malolam
Photo by Cantina Malolam
Cantina Malolam
5001 N. Mesa St.

Malolam takes it up a notch with a few margaritas that are nothing short of exceptional. By exceptional we mean they evade the usual margarita requirements. The Mint Jamaica Margarita pairs fresh hibiscus, mint and fresh limes. The full-flavored drink sets the mood for Malolams inventive tacos, street dogs and tortas.

Carnitas Queretaro
Carnitas Queretaro
7410 Remcon Circle

Carnitas Queretaro mixes up terrific margaritas with fresh lime and agave, served over fresh ice, some with a spicy Tajin rime and other with slices of fresh cucumber and Topo Chico. Carnitas only uses the freshest lime juice, squeezed daily and perfectly ripe fruits. Our favorites include the Pepino Fresco and Dona Paloma.

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