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El Paso: Birthplace of the Margarita

Barrigas Restaurant
Photo by Barrigas Restaurant
Barrigas Restaurant
664 Sunland Park Dr.

If you’re looking for a twist on the classic margarita, head over to Barrigas. They’re serving up the “Chamoyada” Margarita, a truly unique margarita found only at Barrigas. The blend of tequila, Chamoy and Cointreau are what make this Tajin rimmed margarita both refreshing and bursting with flavor.

Los Bandidos de Carlos & Mickey’s
Photo by Los Bandidos de Carlos & Mickey’s
Los Bandidos de Carlos & Mickey’s
1310 Magruder St.

Those who can handle their tequila should order the Texas Sized Margarita from Carlos & Mickey’s. This cocktail is infused with freshly squeezed lime juice and your choice of tequila. If the name hasn’t given it away, this margarita is a monstrosity and is limited to one per customer.

Julio’s Café Corona
Photo by Julio’s Café Corona
Julio’s Café Corona
8050 Gateway Blvd. East

Margarita connoisseurs prepare to be impressed. With an extensive selection of margarita flavors and combinations, you’ll never get bored. The Jalapeno Margarita is concocted with jalapenos, your choice of tequila and cilantro. The rink is packed with flavor and a sure win for those who can handle the heat.

L&J Café
Photo by L&J Café
L&J Café
3622 E. Missouri Ave.

Referred to as “the old place by the graveyard” by locals, this local landmark couples delicious food with equally delicious and colorful margaritas. Take a seat at the bar, enjoy the historic murals on the walls and order a traditional, no-frills margarita. You’ll feel like a true El Pasoan.

Cantina Malolam
Photo by Cantina Malolam
Cantina Malolam
5001 N. Mesa St.

Malolam takes it up a notch with a few margaritas that are nothing short of exceptional. By exceptional we mean they evade the usual margarita requirements. The Mint Jamaica Margarita pairs fresh hibiscus, mint and fresh limes. The full-flavored drink sets the mood for Malolams inventive tacos, street dogs and tortas.

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