Subharmonic City Productions Showcase with Hector Gallardo

Subharmonic City Productions Showcase with Hector Gallardo

July 28, 2023
10:00 PM - 11:30 PM
125 W Mills Ave, El Paso, TX

The Plaza Theatre - Philanthropy Theatre
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“It all started with a GoPro.” So begins our showcase of Hector Gallardo and the rest of his irreverent Subharmonic City Productions group. They aren’t like most of their contemporaries in the local film community. They do their own thing. Subharmonic, founded by the multi-talented Gallardo, started making music videos before expanding into short, comedic films, some of which they entered into two-day filmmaking contests in El Paso and Las Cruces. Their mockumentary EP.OO Pilot won last year’s El Paso 48-Hour Film competition, earning the Subharmonic group an invitation to this year’s national competition in Los Angeles. Their PCFF showcase features that mockumentary and three other 48-hour film contest entries (Time Tramps 2, Cupid’s Blowtorch, Jehovahs Leave No Witnesses), all tongue-in-cheek comedies, and legit music videos for Extremity, Sleepspent, Bellon Ray, Acid Wave and J. Hacha de Zola. Check ‘em out. — Doug Pullen

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