The Long Walk: Burning off those Holiday Calories
The Long Walk:  Burning off those Holiday Calories

So much food! That's what Thanksgiving is all about right? Before you settle in to watch football or volunteer to help with the dishes, go for a post-meal walk. Check out our list of fun and easily accessible places to take that post holiday stroll. These spots won't disappoint when it comes to providing some of the most beautiful views in El Paso!

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River Park Trail

River Park Trail
The River Park Trail is a 10.5-mile long trail that runs along the picturesque Rio Grande. The trail is a stretch of paved trail that parallels the Rio Grande from the New Mexico State Line in Anthony, TX to County Club Road in El Paso, TX. Whether you walk, jog, or ride a bike, this trail provides vistas of the Franklin Mountains to the east and the mesa’s of New Mexico to the west in a quiet and soothing environment.

The trail can be accessed at the following unofficial parking locations:

Family Dollar Parking Lot-8000 Doniphan Dr.
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Parking Lot-311 West Borderland Road
El Abrigado Animal Clinic Parking Lot-900 Country Club Road

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Lost Dog Trailhead

Lost Dog Trails
Situated at the intersection of Redd Rd. and Helen of Troy, Lost Dog trailhead is home to a series of great trails that range from moderate to difficult. The trails lead into the southwestern part of the Franklin Mountains State Park where there is even a connector trail that leads to the Tom Mays unit of the park. This popular area is well marked and ample parking is available.

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Chuck Heinrich Memorial Park

Chuck Heinrich Memorial Park
Located in the northeasterly portion of the Franklin Mountains State Park, this park offers some of the best trails for mountain bikers who are new to the sport, and hikers will enjoy leisurely strolls along its many trails. Trails in this area are ideal for beginner bikers and hikers. To access the park go north on Highway 54 and exit MLK and turn left (north). At Jon Cunningham Boulevard turn left (west) until the road dead ends at Chuck Heinrich Park. Follow the trail to the top of the concrete dam then turn left (south) until it reaches the trailhead. There is a $4.00 per person fee, free for pass holders (and free for up to 5 of the pass holder’s friends entering by bike or foot and 14 other friends all arriving in same vehicle).

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Franklin Mountains State Park

Franklin Mountains State Park
The Tom Mays Unit of the Franklin Mountains State Park is the Thanksgiving table of the local parks system: it has something for everyone. hiking, mountain biking, road biking, birding, rock climbing, camping and picnicking are all available for outdoors enthusiasts of every stripe. This portion of the Franklin Mountains State Park offers endless possibilities for hikes, ranging from easy to extremely hard.

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McKelligon Canyon

McKelligon Canyon
Nestled on the south eastern side of the Franklin Mountains and surrounded by desert canyon walls, McKelligon Canyon is a popular destination known for its rock climbing, hiking, running, walking and biking. Visitors have a variety of rock climbing routes to choose from and the symmetric terrain is filled with crevices and cracks. All hiking trails including the Ron Coleman Trail begin at the end of McKelligon Canyon and are open year round. Please note, McKelligon Canyon is part of the Franklin Mountains State Park and therefore is subject to fees and restrictions from the Texas parks and Wildlife Department.

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