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Fall in Love with EP's Romantic Restaurants

Is El Paso really romantic? Whether you’re moving in together, celebrating an anniversary, or just trying to impress your crush, the right restaurant is out there if you know where to look. To help, we’ve rounded up our top six most romantic spots to grab a bite.

Anson 11
Photo by Anson 11
Anson 11
303 N. Oregon St.

Anson 11 offers two exceptional dining experiences in one place but for the uber romantic night out we suggest their upscale dining room located on the second floor. From the moment you step foot into their fine dining room, you will find yourself in the lap of elegant luxury. Their 5-star service is uncompromising as are the servers who will ensure your every whim is met. The cuisine is extraordinary, and the atmosphere is quiet and intimate. Reservations are encouraged.

Cafe Central
Photo by Cafe Central
Cafe Central
109 N. Oregon St.

Café Central combines innovative taste with traditions that date back 100 years. They offer an outstanding fine dining experience, delectable cuisine, and superior customer service. Their extensive wine list pairs perfectly with their lush ambiance. We recommend a prequal drink at their opulent bar. Reservations are encouraged.

Magic Bistro
Photo by Magic Bistro
Magic Bistro
5034 Doniphan Dr., Unit B

The Magic Bistro delivers the perfect blend of delicious and sophisticated flavors. Whether you’re dining inside their dim and inviting dining room or on their lush garden patio, this west side hotspot is the master of romance-creating an atmosphere that is both energetic and intimate. Their freshly made dishes with meats smoked in-house and homemade dressings and sauces make this restaurant an ideal setting for dinner for two. Although not required, reservations are recommended especially during weekends and holidays.

Mi Piaci
Mi Piaci
5411 N. Mesa St.

Mi Piaci specializes in giving their guests an extraordinary experience in cuisine and service. Their specialty lies in their 1855 Prime Black Angus Reserve steaks, wet aged for a minimum of 21 days. Seafood flown in fresh from Seattle Fish Company and home-made pastas make Mi Piaci a must for those dressing to impress. The dishes themselves have a sophisticated and artful approach. The restaurant itself is dim and hushed-ideal for those declarations of love. Reservations encouraged.

Taft Diaz
Photo by Taft Diaz
Taft Diaz
209 N. Stanton St.

This downtown hot spot is known for its delectable, haute cuisine. At Taft Diaz each dish is designed and prepared with passion and detail that shines through to ignite the senses and create a lasting impression. Upon entering the restaurant, one feels as though they have just put themselves in the hands of the chef, who crafts exceptionally craveable, mouthwatering dishes. Their open-air kitchen sends a warm aroma through the space creating a luscious vibe. Although this luxurious restaurant has an exclusive feel about it, it remains one of downtown El Paso’s most popular places to pop in for a drink or to pop the question!

Thyme Matters
Photo by Thyme Matters
Thyme Matters
5857 N. Mesa St.

The romantic lighting and the smell of fresh cut flowers makes Thyme Matters the perfect place for either a drink, or a meal. Whichever you choose the elusive atmosphere is sure to provide the ideal spot for a romantic night out. Simple recipes and fresh ingredients are the reason you’ll have a hard time narrowing it down to just one entrée. Given its snug size and popularity, Thyme Matters crowds up quickly giving you all the more reason to get closer to your companion.

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