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Recording Studios

Beacon Hill Recording Studio
Photograph by Beacon Hill Recording Studio
6430 Gateway Blvd. East

Beacon Hill Recording Studio is a full-service production company with award-winning producers, engineers and musicians that are comfortable working with a wide variety of genres and deliver high quality results.

Borderline Recording Studio
Photograph by Borderline Recording Studio
3501 Durazno Ave.

At Borderline their experienced mix engineers utilize a modern hybrid analog and digital approach to mixing while keeping true to time tested missing techniques to achieve a balanced, coherent mix. Their professional recording services utilize industry standard micing techniques, discrete hardware and cross platform, HD software applications.

DM Records
Photograph by DM Records
2002 Grant Ave.

DM Records has worked with several local and international artists to create multiple projects. DM records, a recording label has signed some of the most important talented and up and coming gospel artists.

El Adobe Recording Studio
Photograph by El Adobe Recording Studio
5301 El Paso Dr.

This popular studio has seen over 300 regional and national projects. El Adobe records all genres and provides arrangers, musicians and line producers.

Sound Stage 9
Photograph by Sound Stage 9
11601 Pellicano Dr.

Sound Stage 9 is El Paso’s first artist development studio. Their services are designed for all skill levels from aspiring to professional musicians. Services include performance-based music lessons for all ages, monthly and hourly professional rehearsal rooms ranging from small drum rooms to full-size performance rooms, a showcase room with a stage, and a full-service professional recording studio.

Star City Studio Productions
Photograph by Star City Studio Productions
120 W. Castellano Dr.

Star City is a premier recording studio, art gallery, and event hosting venue. Their staff is experienced and knowledgeable in handling every aspect of recording and event hosting. The studios and gallery were designed to be comfortable, creative, and the embodiment of excellence.

Valor Studio
Photograph by Valor Studio
13141 Soleen Rd.

This broadcasting and media production company offers superior recording quality.

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