Unity Yoga & Produce Open House

July 29, 2017
10:10 AM - 12:00 PM
3127 New Mexico Highway 28, 88021

Yoga shala (studio) is inside the old cotton gin through the green door.
Although we could charge admission, we choose to offer our products and services for free and trust that our community will support us through donations. All are welcome, pay what you feel is appropriate while keeping in mind the commercial value of our time, products, and this event is around 30-55$ Blessings, excited to expand our community. <3
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Welcome one & all to Unity Communitys second open house!

The word Yoga is sanskrit for Union, here at Unity Community Farm & Shala we choose to unite with and serve the most high Christ, Buddha, Krsna, aka God.

Come to this sacred space for a class of asanas(often called yoga poses) lead by experienced guides who respect the science of yoga. Cool down and nourish with a freshly harvested salad after class then come for a quick educational walk about the farm/ecosystem to see where your food lives! Also known as the La Union Permaculture Farm, produce grown here is far beyond organic where building/ restoring soil, waster conservation, ethics, and ultimately self regenerative edible ecosystems are some of our main focuses. After your class and walkabout, take a bag of fresh produce home!

If sold in lc or ep, one drop-in asana class and a bag of our beyond organic produce alone could easily cost 50$ and up!

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