The Film Salon: 1968 Mexican marvel The Batwoman (La Mujer Murcielago)

September 24, 2022
2:15 PM
250 East Montecillo Drive

Alamo Drafthouse Montecillo
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LA MUJER MURCIELAGO (THE BATWOMAN) (1968, d Rene Cardona, starring Maura Monti, Roberto Canedo, Hector Godoy)

Exploding with color and sun-drenched Mexican beach locations, The Batwoman is a rare encounter. A childhood favorite of director Guillermo del Toro, this film does not disappoint.

Maura Monti’s millionairess super sleuth in a bat-bikini is as comfortable in the wrestling ring as she is foiling mad scientist plots. In this case, a secret lab hopes to produce super fish-men from kidnapped wrestlers and Batwoman has to put a stop to it! And, so she does.

With Warner Bros.’ recent announcement that they are canceling the release of their big-budget Batgirl movie, this 1968 Mexican gem shines even brighter in the bat-verse and stands as the only feature film anchored by a Bat-woman - and famously brought to life without permission and under threat from DC Comics. Hear all about how the film came to be and its long journey to rediscovery and restoration from the great-niece of producer Guillermo Calderon as Viviana Garcia Besne will join the screening via Skype!

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