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Nerd Night: Space Race

May 17, 2019
7:00 PM
600 N El Paso St El Paso TX 79901

Event Days:
Sunset Terrace at Double Tree Hotel
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Will the Border Region become a global space flight hub?

Did you know that private citizens from all over the world will soon launch into space from two Border Region spaceports? Rockets already routinely launch from Van Horn, Fabens, and Truth or Consequences. Spacefaring organizations in our own backyard are pushing boundaries, inching closer to the day when tourists will travel to space. Space bound cargo payloads and adventure tourism have big implications for our regional economy, education, and culture. Join our next Nerd Night to learn more about the the Border Region’s exciting new space economy from the leaders of this booming industry.

Panel Speakers 1. Dr. Henry Cathey | NMSU Physical Science Laboratory | Deputy Director 2. Joe Bullington | Jacobs Technology | Commercialization Manager 3. Dr. Joel Quintana | UTEP Center for Space Exploration Technology Research | Ph.D. Research Associate 4. Jason Lazich | Virgin Galactic | Director of Spaceline Infrastructure and Ground Services 5. Kassandra Huhn | Borderplex Alliance | Vice President of Workforce Development and Analytics 6. Dr. Patricia C. Hynes | New Mexico Space Grant | Retired Director

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