Hike to the Site of the B-36 Crash

October 11, 2020
8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
End of Stanton St at the 1,000 Steps Trail, El Paso, TX

Hike up to the crash site of a B-36 bomber that crashed into the Franklin mountains in 1953, killing all on board. This is a strenuous, high elevation gain, 5-hours hike over difficult terrain including loose rock. Do not attempt this hike unless you are in good physical condition and have hiking experience. Meet where Stanton Street dead ends at the 1,000 Steps Trail. Drink water before the hike and bring plenty of water, snacks and wear a hat, long pants, and sunscreen.

Beginning at the North Stanton Street Trailhead (MAP), you will continue along the 1000 Steps Trail and then veer of to follow an arroyo up to the crash site and view remaining wreckage. This is a moderate to difficult hike,due to the off trail section, the possible heat/sun this time of year and the length of the hike. There is some significant wreckage left to view, and the memorial is on a rock spire above the arroyo floor. Please dress appropriately, bring plenty of water (3 liters minimum) and snacks, check the weather forecast. Gloves and long pants and strong hiking shoes are recommended. You will be off trail for a good portion of the hike and will encounter loose rocks, cacti and other thorny plants and a proliferation of lechugilla. Wear a hat and/or use sunscreen. Bring a mask although you may not need it as you hike. This is not a pet friendly hike.

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