Film Festival “Época de Oro”

September 18, 2019
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
351 W University Ave.

UTEP Union Cinema, Room 109
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Nadia Ornelas
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The Consulate General of Mexico in El Paso, the Centro Cultural Mexicano Paso del Norte and the University of Texas at El Paso invite the border community to the Film Festival “Época de Oro”, a time when Mexican cinema acquired its own identity and had a great artistic and commercial impact on the world.

La Perla is one of those miracles that were forged in the era of splendor of Mexican classical cinema, or as it is known popularly, the golden cinema. A large part of the responsibility for the construction of this Latin film summit is in the conjunction of talents that united their destinies, among which their director and screenwriter Emilio Fernández, photographer Gabriel Figueroa and the chemistry that gave off two stand out great performers of Mexican cinema, the legendary Pedro Armendáriz and the angelic María Elena Marqués.


Kino (Pedro Armendáriz), a fisherman, and his wife (María Elena Marqués) suffer because the town’s foreign doctor (Charles Rooner) refuses to treat his little son, victim of a scorpion sting. Kino finds a valuable pearl in the sea that is the object of the greed of the doctor and his brother (Fernando Wagner). Juana, his wife, is convinced that the possession of that pearl will only bring them difficulties and tries to convince her husband to return her to the sea, although he does not listen to her and only thinks about what they can have with what they get from the sale.

Go to town traffickers. They want to pay much less than their real value, making him believe that such a large pearl does not interest anyone. He does not accept to sell it at the price they offer and decides to sell it to the city.

In the meantime, he is assaulted by a stranger, who is killed, after which his brother helps them flee. The couple, together with their son, part of the night to the city where they are persecuted, thus fulfilling Joan’s fears.

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