Celebration of our Mountains - What's in a Hueco? An interpretive hike of aquatic habitats at Hueco Tanks

October 15, 2017
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Cave Kiva at Hueco Tanks State Park, El Paso, TX

Cave Kiva at Hueco Tanks State Park
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oin UTEP’s Professor of Biological Sciences, Liz Walsh, on a hike to explore aquatic habitats at Hueco Tanks. Dr. Walsh has been studying life in the huecos and other temporary aquatic habitats at Hueco Tanks for over 20 years. During the hike, you will visit very temporary huecos that are the home to specialized communities of animals including fairy shrimp, tadpole shrimp, waterbears and even an endemic species of rotifer. Dr. Walsh will explain how these organisms persist during prolonged periods of dessication and exposure to the elements. We will also visit larger temporary waterbodies such as Laguna Prieta where, in addition to fairy and tadpole shrimp, hundreds of species of invertebrates thrive during the wet season. Meet at Hueco Tanks State Park and Historic Site. Wear sturdy shoes, bring plenty of water and a snack for this 2-hr. hike to North and East Mountain sites. This field trip is limited to 10 people.

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