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Book Signing: Dr. Edith Eva Eger-Holocaust Survivor

October 5, 2017
5:00 PM
705 Sunland Park Drive, El Paso, Texas

Barnes & Noble
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Dr. Edith Eva Eger Holocaust survivor, therapist, speaker, and author-will discuss her acclaimed new book, The Choice: a powerful, moving memoir-and a practical guide to healing-written by Dr. Eger, and eminent psychologist whose own experiences as a Holocaust survivor help her treat patients and allow them to escape the prison of their own minds. Dr. Edith Eger is a sought-after clinical psychologist and lecturer, helping individuals discard their limitations, discover their powers of self-renewal, and achieve things they previously thought unattainable. Using her own past as a Holocaust survivor and thriver as a powerful analogy, she inspires people to tap their full potential and shape their very best destinies. It’s a message of healing and personal growth. A message of freedom from self imposed limitations. Dr. Eger lived in El Paso for many years, and her testimony as a Holocaust survivor is showcased at El Paso Holocaust Museum & Study Center.

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