May 10, 2017

The best way to truly capture the magic of the Sun City is in an eight-foot high, 18-foot in diameter cabin on the Wyler Aerial Tramway at Franklin Mountains State Park. Whether you are a local or a tourist, a simple tram ride may just be the enjoyable experience that you need to fully grasp the supreme degree of beauty in the borderland. The fiery desert sunrise, the lustrous ocean of lights, the canyons and towering mountains, these elements can be seen from a bird's-eye view on the breathtaking ride. The tramway all began as one man's brave vision and gift to El Pasoans. Karl O. Wyler's last request was signed in ink to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in 1997. They granted his wish after an extensive renovation in 2001 and made it a public attraction.


The tramway spans a distance of nearly 200 acres of intangible golden lure, an omnipresent natural wonder found in the desert. Drivers who enjoy a few sharp twists and turns will appreciate the drive to the tramway, where they can enjoy a four- minute journey overlooking three states and two nations. A Swiss-made gondola travels along a 2,600-foot long steel cable through a 240-foot deep canyon and offers a central view of 7,000 square miles of Southwest terrain. Suspended in time and space, this is the dream getaway from reality. To be at one with yourself, with your family, with the borderland and one with the world, the Wyler Tramway is the source of peace that you need. The delightful creations all intertwine in the midst of the overpowering beauty of the mountain formations.


This flourishing region is home to plant life including moss-like greens on the ground and large, sunflower-style plants that hover high, wild grasses and flowers that bloom in radiant colors with the seasons. Wildlife of different species and classes inhabit the natural dwelling as well. The Franklin Mountain State Park is the largest urban state park in the United States so it goes without saying that the spacious area draws in a vast array of bird species. Visitors can explore the land with high-powered telescopes that can be wielded from a sky-high observation deck with a 360-degree view. Besides a lens it will feel as if nothing stands between you and the wild. At the edge of Texas if you reach out to touch the blue distance the horizon is still infinite. Further up the canyon, you can see a formation of granitoid igneous rock that has merged with the plates in the Fort Bliss Sandstone. This is all a result of the Rio Grande Rift. The product is a cool collection of blocks along the mountainside.


When the fire of twilight arrives the sky produces a marvelous array of color. This is a sight for sore eyes that all will rejoice over. Wherever you may venture after this experience you can never forget what was seen, captured and felt. The desert is a realm that the human mind cannot author. Overall the panoramic view from the Wyler Aerial Tramway is a hidden gem that exhibits a unique splendor of grandeur, color and soul-piercing utopia.


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