The Best Ways to Taste El Paso
The Best Ways to Taste El Paso

El Paso is one of the most exciting culinary destinations in Texas. Perfectly located between New Mexico and Mexico itself, it is the perfect cultural melting pot for foodies, blending genuine Mexican cuisine with Tex Mex and Southern cooking. This creates a remarkable food scene, offering the chance to explore some of the best dishes that Mexico has to offer, as well as some truly interesting, exciting, and alternative twists on the cuisines of both cultures.

So if you are considering cruising to the Mexican Riviera next year or thinking about a vacation to the beautiful beaches of Cancun or Tulum, why not dip your toes into the water of Mexican cuisine with an exploration of the best food that El Paso has to offer. Here are five of the best restaurants in El Paso.

Kiki’s Mexican Restaurant For years a carefully hidden local secret, Kiki’s is a gem of a restaurant that is now getting the reputation and plaudits it deserves. Offering a range of mouthwatering authentic Mexican favorites, from tacos, flautas, and enchiladas to carne asada, it fills up quickly at both lunchtimes and in the evenings, so it is worth eating a little early to ensure you get a table!

Cafe Mayapan Another superb eatery offering classic Mexican fare, Cafe Mayapan is all about seasonal ingredients so its menu is ever-changing. You’ll find chiles en nogada in late summer, and tamales, mole, and pan de muerto from Oaxaca around Day of the Dead in November, meaning you really get a chance for a deep dive into the diversity of Mexican cuisine. It doubles up as a worthy social enterprise as well, supporting women from some of the poorest areas of El Paso, as well as doing vital environmental work.

Ripe Eatery For a break from total Mexican cooking, it is well worth taking a look at Ripe Eatery. While the mall food court location might be off-putting, its fantastic menu of rich, comforting, and interesting dishes makes an exceptional choice, as does its excellent live music. It offers a fantastic variety of classic American cooking, alongside a number of options that have a more southern twist, like the Huevos Rancheros Eggs Benedict, the perfect Mexican-American blend!

Salma Farah’s A little known fact about Mexican cuisine is that it has been significantly influenced by Lebanese cooking! From the kibis sold on the beach in the Riviera Maya to Mexico City’s quintessential tacos al pastor, the eastern Mediterranean is evident in many of Mexico’s most famous dishes. So why not try the real deal, with this delightful Lebanese eatery? Salma Farah’s serves up lip-smacking kebabs, falafel, and hummus, and is a real treat for fans of the cuisine of the Middle East.

Cafe Central For a final flourish, Cafe Central offers one of the best upmarket dining experiences in town. Originally based across the border in Ciudad Juarez, Cafe Central has been the height of elegance and sophisticated dining since 1918. With an award-winning menu featuring some truly dazzling creations, this is one of El Paso’s finest restaurants, and not to be missed!

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