Social Distancing: EP’s top things to do
Social Distancing:  EP’s top things to do

Social distancing can be challenging especially when the novelty of being home has worn off so trust us when we say “there is plenty to do!” Here are a few of our fav outdoor activities suitable for the whole family. And did we mention these excursions are sure to help burn off some of those snack calories we have all indulged in!

Take a Hike
Yep that’s right, take a hike! Gear up and get out. The Franklin Mountains State Park is the largest urban state park in the US so believe us when we say there is no shortage of trails to choose from. Our favs include Aztec Trail, Mundy’s Gap and for the more advanced a trip to the Peak. We promise the views you will experience are nothing short of spectacular.

Bike Rides
Want to be active without being tethered to a treadmill? Now is the ideal time to take a bike ride. El Paso is home to several biking options from moderate to challenging mountain biking trails to easy going quite river path trails, the Sun City doesn’t have a shortage of biking options. Our favs include Chuck Heinrich Park, Pat O’Rourke Path and the River Bend Trail along the majestic Rio Grande.

Public Art Driving Tour
Take a ride through some of El Paso’s most delightful spots. This tour is sure to instill pride and inspiration all while educating you on the diverse history and culture that is El Paso. Begin your tour in the downtown area, jump on a scooter or a bike from the bike share program for an added up-close look at some of these amazing works. To view locations on this tour, download the Official Visit El Paso App and click on the Tours section. The tour is accompanied by audio files for each stop making it ideal for the car!

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