October 1, 2017

It is truly rare to feel the rush of accomplishment that can only be described as conquering. As humans, there are many things present that whisper to us, that call us to true daring. But often, circumstance and obligation require us to give up these romantic notions and fall to compromise.

In El Paso, it’s hard to ignore this when one looks up at the majestic Franklin Mountains. Sitting in the middle of our beautiful city, while they are not the largest or most mysterious, they hold a majestic exquisiteness that’s all their own. There is a hidden beauty in the landscape of a mountain. Something beyond the slopes and undulations. It is a sensation that can only be felt in that whisper, in that call heard in the deepest part of our souls – the truest plea for discovery, for adventure.

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As we go through the everyday tasks and chores that are our own, they sit in waiting. Holding secrets told only to the few who dare to venture to them, to seek and find what lies beyond. Many have already heard this call.

Here in the Sun City, we explore the Franklins and the surrounding areas three fantastic ways: hiking, running and biking. With numerous ways to find your footing for a good hike or run, there are a few great trailheads that can take you through the rambling foothills of the Lost Dog Trails, up McKelligon Canyon, or you can start at the top and get a truly grueling aerobic workout climbing high to the high top of the mountain.

If you are looking for more of a rush, the Franklin’s do not disappoint. These trails don’t just make great hiking trails; they make even better biking trails. And you don’t have to go it alone! El Paso is home to two premier bike clubs that will award you the camaraderie and challenge you have been craving.

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Archaeologist and avid hiker, Rick Kelly commented on the beauty he finds in the Chihuahuan desert. “Whether you are traveling, trying to get in shape, or just new to the area, there are arranged hikes all throughout this region. Yes, there’s the Franklin’s in town but there is also Hueco Tanks and if there is anything world-class about El Paso, that’s the place to see.”

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And there is truly a lot to see in this region. So don’t wait. Answer the call and get outside and conquer the trail, mountain, and world you have yet to see.

Directions: The park is in the northernmost corner of the city of El Paso. You can access the park by one of three entrances: the first, on the east side of the mountains taking High way 54, exit on Fred Wilson and then turn west. The second, on the west side of the mountain take I-10 to Transmountain and exit and turn four miles down, you will see the entrance. The final access point is at the top of Transmountain, which is clearly seen from the road. Each of these routes will take you on the hike, run or bike of your life up the crown jewel of West Texas.

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