January 3, 2017

Misión de Guadalupe
Established by Fray Garcia de San Francisco in 1659, this is the first, still-standing, mission in the area built by the order of the Franciscans who began to evangelize indigenous populations.


Photo Credit: Visita Juarez

Dunas de Samalayuca
Sand dunes known for being a habitat for many unique endemic species of plants and animals living in a rare ecosystem of the Samalayuca Desert.

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Photo Credit: Visita Juarez

Visitors can try their luck at one of seven different high-end casinos throughout the city.

Museo de la Revolución en la Frontera (MUREF)
Housed in the Old Customs House, the museum features multi-media exhibits on the Mexican Revolution and Ciudad Juárez, including the railroad, and the roles of the politicians, writers and revolutionaries, such as Francisco Madero and Francisco “Pancho” Villa.

Museo de Arte e Historia del INBA de Ciudad Juárez
The Juárez Museum of Art, a unit of the National Institute of Fine Art, features Mexican art from different periods by both local and internationally renowned artists.


Photo Credit: Visita Juarez

La Rodadora Interactive Museum
La Rodadora is one of the largest museums in Latin America, with over 120 interactive exhibits. It combines science, technology, art and culture in one place, making it a unique and different space. La Rodadora also has a 3D theater, a library, and a food court.

La rodadora 2

Kentucky Club and Grill
This legendary bar dates back to 1920 is said to be the birthplace of the Margarita. “Hollywood Royalty,” politicians, artists and sports superstars have all been served in this beautiful bar.

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Photo Credit: Visita Juarez

Viva Mexico
The colorful restaurant is the perfect place to eat authentic Mexican food and enjoy a live historical reenactment performance.

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Photo Credit: Visita Juarez

Maria Chuchena
Maria Chuchena is a restaurant whose concept of haute cuisine combines the colors, aromas and flavors of traditional Mexican recipes with contemporary adaptations.

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Photo Credit: Maria Chuchena

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