Carlos M. Ramirez TecH2O Water Resources Learning Center

The TecH2O Water Resources Learning Center provides education and training to foster the understanding and appreciation of total water management in the Chihuahuan Desert. The 30,450 square-foot center of angles, curves, circles and waves inclludes a 250-seat auditorium for hosting forums; and interactive displays, exhibits and demonstration projects that bring water management to llife.

Centennial Museum and Chihuahuan Desert Gardens

Created in 1936, the Centennial was the first museum in El Paso and one of the earliest buildings at the College of Mines, now UTEP. Permanent exhibits focus on the Chihuahuan Desert region, the largest desert in North America. Temporary exhibits are generally related to border life and culture, or more broadly to the Americas. The extensive Gardens display native plants in a variety of settings.

Chamizal National Memorial

A unit of the National Park Service, the Chamizal National Memorial commemorates the 1963 Chamizal treaty that ended a century-old boundary dispute between the United States and Mexico caused by a change in the course of the Rio Grande. The memorial includes a museum, theatre and art galleries, and hosts many festivals and special events throughout the year. Admission is free.

El Paso County Historical Society's Burges House

This is the famous home of Richard F. Burges. The Burges House also serves as a historical research center. The Classical Revival style house features four large columns in the front supporting the roof. Burges was city attorney in 1908 and wrote the city charter. He became a member of the Texas House of Representative in 1913. He was instrumental in the development of Carlsbad Caverns and the building of the Elephant Butte Dam. The home is now the headquarters for the El Paso County Historical Society.

El Paso Holocaust Museum & Study Center

The El Paso Holocaust Museum & Study Center was established to educate the public about the Nazi Holocaust, and to honor those who perished and those who survived. The museum houses exhibits that trace the rise of the Third Reich, the mass deportations of millions of German and European citizens to ghettos and concentration camps, their valiant resistance efforts, and the liberation of the camps by Allied Forces in the closing days of World War II. Admission is free.

El Paso Museum of Archaeology and Wilderness Park

The museum tells the story of the first inhabitants of the El Paso area, the greater Southwest, and northern Mexico. Dioramas and exhibits reveal American indian lives from the Paleoindian hunters of the Ice Age to their modern Indian decendants. The museum grounds include a nature trail with native plants and outdoor exhibits.

El Paso Museum of Art

The El Paso Museum of Art houses a permanent collection of more than 6,000 works of art, including the Samuel H. Kress Collection of European art from the 13th-18th centuries; American art from the 19th to the 21st century; and Mexican colonial art and retablos from the southwestern United States and Mexico. Admission is free.

El Paso Museum of History

The El Paso Museum of History is host to more than 16,000 sq. ft. of exhibition space featuring five galleries representing 400 years of U.S./Mexico border history. Two first floor galleries have featured traveling exhibitions highlighting the brilliant mind of Leonardo da Vinci as well as early Spanish exploration prior to the arrival of the Mayflower; borderland racing history, the history of medicine and much more. Second floor galleries include the Wall of Giants; an exhibition space dedicated to individuals and businesses that have impacted life in El Paso. The Changing Pass gallery explores centuries of cultural history. Las Villitas: Neighborhoods & Shared Memories, the museum’s newest permanent gallery, features artifacts from El Paso’s earliest neighborhoods.

El Paso Museum of History 3-D Digital Wall

DIGIE is a vast collection of images and videos exploring El Paso’s past and present. It examines its people and its many cultures on giant 3-D touch-sensitive TV screens at the Museum of History and on a mobile Mini-Digie as well. Our Mini-Digie will be transported to classrooms, malls, community centers and other locations where citizens gather so everyone has the opportunity to experience and be included in El Paso’s digital history.

The collection of images that powers DIGIE can also be browsed on this website. Most importantly, you can upload your own collection of images telling your own life story or your family history for all to share.

Ft. Bliss and Old Ironsides Museums

Exhibits include artifacts, vehicles, weapons, and information about the histories of the U.S. Army at El Paso and the 1st Armored Division . Nearby is Old Fort Bliss, a reproduction of the first post of that name. Admission is free. Entrance to Fort Bliss requires a valid government issued identification such as a driver's license.

Heritage House at UTEP

The Heritage House preserves the history of UTEP from its origin as the Texas College of Mines in 1914, and is located in a home built in 1921 by the first dean of the College. It features special exhibits for Homecoming, and from time to time during the year. Admission is free.

International Museum of Art

The International Museum of Art is located in the Turney home in El Paso, Texas. The spacious Museum houses collections from Asia, Africa, and many points both near and far. The Museum also houses a Mexican Revolution collection which includes a replica of Pancho Villa’s death mask, and a replica of a Mexican casita as it might have looked at the time of the Revolution. The Museum hosts several national and international exhibitions each year and offers art-related programs, activities, and special events.

Los Portales Museum and Information Center

The museum is housed in an 1850s Territorial Style building in El Paso’s Mission Valley. Its exhibits focus on the rich and colorful historical legacies of San Elizario, including the “First Thanksgiving,” the Spanish presidio, the San Elizario Salt War of 1877, and the first county seat of El Paso county. Admission is free.

Magoffin Home State Historic Site

A striking adobe structure, Magoffin Home State Historic Site explores the stories of a multicultural family who actively participated in U.S. expansion and settlement, military service, trade on the Santa Fe–Chihuahua Trail, Civil War turmoil, and U.S.–Mexico relations. Built in 1875 for pioneer, politician, and civic leader Joseph Magoffin, the nineteen-room adobe home containing original family furnishings is El Paso’s only historic house museum and a prime example of Territorial style architecture.

McCall Neighborhood Center

The McCall Neighborhood Center is the epicenter meeting and gathering place for El Paso’s small but prominent African American Community. Located in the historic home of Marshall and Olalee McCall, the newly expanded complex houses a museum, gift shop, archives, and photographic collection on local and national Black History. The Center’s many sponsored programs are designed to serve neighborhood, community, and city-wide interests and needs. Admission is Free.

Museo Mayachen

Through the use of interactive exhibits, exhibit space, oral histories, audio-video presentations, workshops, cultural events, and other tools, Museo Mayachen is creating a space for the learning of history and culture that engages the community it serves.

National Border Patrol Museum

The National Border Patrol Museum is the only one of its kind in the United States. It is a private, not for profit, museum where exhibits cover the history of the United States Border patrol, from the old West, Prohibition, and WWII, right up to current operations, through displays of weapons, paintings, documents, equipment, photos, artifacts, and "hands-on" vehicles such as the Jeep, Helicopter, Scarab boat, snowmobile and ATV. Guided tours may be booked in advance.

Tigua Indian Cultural Center

The Tigua Indian Cultural Center of the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo celebrates over 300 years of tribal history in El Paso. Attractions include a museum, gift shopos, the Cacique Cafe, and delicious fresh Indian bread. Indian social dance performances take place every weekend-call for schedule.

U.S. Army Museum of the Noncommissioned Officer

The museum features exhibits on the changing role of the Noncommissioned Officer in the U.S. Army from 1775 to the present, through displays of equipment and uniforms used by staff sergeants and other NCO's.

War Eagles Air Museum

The War Eales Air Museum, located at the Dona Ana County Airport, features a collection of more than 30 military and civilian aircraft of the World War II-Korean War period, most of them flight-worthy, and over 40 classic or historic automobiles.

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