Union Plaza Entertainment District

Tabla DWNTWN Tapas Bar

A casual ecclectic restaurant that features tapas as well as large plates. Great for lunch and dinner.

115 Durango Street, Suite D

El Paso, Texas


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The Garden

The fusion of soothing natural elements with bold, dynamic flavors provides just the right kick.

511 Western Street

El Paso, Texas, 79901


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Brick and Mortar Kitchen & Bar

A unique urban atmosphere that offers a touch of a big city-feel.

115 Durango Street, Suite C

El Paso, Texas, 79901


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Plum City Lounge

The perfect blend of flexibility & exclusivity bringing together a vast mix of people.

500 San Francisco Sttreet, Suite B

El Paso, Texas, 79901


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Offering bottle service and semi-private VIP tables.

115 Durango Street, Suite A

El Paso, Texas, 79901


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Union Club & Drinkery

Drink specials and dance floor.

115 Durango Street, Suite B

El Paso, Texas, 79901


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Black Pearl

This dance club is known for its great sound, lighting and patio service.

504 W. San Antonio Avenue

El Paso, Texas, 79901


NV Ultra Lounge

This chic lounge offers a spacious interior and a swanky VIP set-up.

200 Anthony Street

El Paso, Texas, 79901


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Kern Place Entertainment District

Crave Kitchen & Bar

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Drinks and Take Out in a casual-fine dining restaurant.

300 Cincinnati Avenue

El Paso, TX 79902


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Geo Geskes

Fun and casual dining by day, hip and sultry lounge by night.

2701 N. Stanton Street

El Paso, TX, 79902


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Offering interesting and unique specialty beers.

214 Cincinnati Avenue

El Paso, TX, 79902


Crawdaddy’s Bar and Grill

The place for Cajun favorites.

212 Cincinnati Avenue

El Paso, TX, 79902


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Ardovinos Pizza

Gourmet pizzeria and Italian food mart.

206 Cincinnati Avenue

El Paso, TX ,79902


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Everyday Gyro

Serving fresh gyros and salads “everyday.”

205 Cincinnati Avenue

El Paso, TX ,79902


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Cincinnati Bar & Grill

This neighborhood landmark offers a pub-like ambience.

207 Cincinnati Avenue

El Paso, TX, 79902


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Corner Tavern and Grill

Great food and daily drink specials.

2700 N. Mesa

El Paso, TX, 79902


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Loft/Mini Bar

Keep the party going with all night drink specials and the hottest video mixes.

2626 N. Mesa

El paso, TX, 79902


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