Thousand Steps Trail

El Paso, TX
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4 miles
2175 feet
Hike Time:
3 hours
Hike Type:
Hike and Back
Although this area is not subject to the Tom May’s Park hours of operation, it is advised to only hike between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or up until 7:00pm during March – November during daylight saving time.
Trail Condition:
Ok, but difficult at spots

You will climb the road to the water tanks. The trail will turn right around the arroyo, then right again and downhill. The trail will continue on the road around a left curve. At a 4 way intersection look for a narrow trail on the left that proceeds straight up the spur to a rock house further along that trail. Follow that trail up to the rock house, once there you will go to the left around the rock house, then find the trail continuing up. You will reach a fork, where you will take a right joining the Wyler Ridgeline trail. You can return by retracing your steps.

Trail Directions/Description: This hike will take you from the top of Stanton St. to the Wyler Aerial Tramway and Ranger Peak. Off of I-10 west you will exit Executive Center Blvd and take a right (left if taking I-10 east). You will continue on Executive Blvd and make a right on Mesa St. You will proceed down Mesa and make a left on Brentwood Ave. From Brentwood you will make a left on Stanton St. and follow Stanton St. to the parking lot on the top.

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